Great feedback on Chemical Burn!!

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Super psyched about a comment on Facebook by one of my favorite projects at the moment: MODERAT (=a collab between Apparat and Modeselektor).
We had posted our Chemical Burn vid to their wall on facebook, and their prompt response was a nice little message:

I’m losing my cool composure drooling over it, and I promise I’ll collect myself and move on right after posting this. :-)
I just wanted to take a moment to share this because it’s kinda overwhelming, seen as we put Chemical Burn out just one week ago!!! Since then we’ve had an endless string of thumbs up, and hundreds of nice comments on Facebook and YouTube! It’s simply amazing… I feel like The Walton Hoax is off to a reeeeally good start. THANK YOU GUYS!!

Now let’s enjoy a moment of Moderat…


Check out the new DubVibes episode #029 – Happy 420

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Some amazing vibes, and awesome tunes on this one! I enjoyed the hell out of it. Great work again Rob!! BTW, I don’t mind the English, it sounds great. It’s true that there’s a wider audience out there for English than there is for Dutch. :) I tried to embed to episode, but my stupid WordPress won’t let me. So I’ll just post up the link to the podcast. Check it out here: Enjoy!

The Walton Hoax – Chemical burn

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This is a track from a new project that I’ve been more and more occupied with the past few months. It began with a project for some remixes, but grew into something independant from the rest. It’s a collab with fellow producer / singer / songwriter Peter Vanek.
We’re pretty happy with how this came out. I made a small montage for it by using clips from the game Limbo. Feel free to give feedback.


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I’ve been very busy the past half year, taking my study seriously. In February, I got the results of my exams, and I had passed them all! Go me, right? So I decided to kick back a little, and shift my focus toward music. I’ve been working on a new project called “The Walton Hoax“, together with my old friend Peter Vanek. There will be some results pretty soon! It’s a bit more of a poppy, and atmospheric type of dubstep.

I also made a new infraBuse track (see above). The way it came about is pretty typical for the way my mind works. I heard an awesome track called “Rocco’s Revenge” by Trolly Snatcha. That made me think of the hilariously funny character Rocco from Boondock Saints. And on YouTube, I found the vid I posted below. I used the sample for this new tune.

If you want, you can download it here.

This is a super funny clip from the movie :

Trent Reznor on scoring The Social Network.

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Mixes, mashes & podcast mayhem!

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Hey everyone, been a while since I made some updates! I’ve been keeping pretty busy with some very exciting new crazy stuff that I’ll talk about in my next post…

First, I want to give props to some cool people that dropped some of my tracks. My friend Rob van den Bos from the beautiful-yet-so-far-up-north Groningen in Holland has made some great podcast episodes featuring tunes of mine. The most recent one being Dubvibes Episode 017 , featuring the remix in which I defile the sanctity of Tom Waits. Btw, Ihave been repeatedly told I’ll burn in hell for that one. :)  The other one features Timing is Everything as an extra. Check out Episode 16 of Dubvibes! I love the fact that he also used a Burial track in 017. Big up for the great work Rob!

Also, Mr Zetrik from Austin, USA used Up & Down in a completely off-the-wall badass mix called Wobbledelic Crunktronica! Check this madness:

Great work man! I like the fact that you’re glitching and scratching the hell out of this mix. It works real well. :)

And Not Looking for Treble & A State of Mind have been used in mash-ups by Mr Spoiltbrat from Cape Town, South Africa. This is the first time ever my music has been mashed! I LOVE it! On the first one, my tune is competing with some of the Great Legends of this earth: Trent Reznor and Peter Gabriel! This is the result of their kinky love-triangle:

Thanks to him for the gracious comment that it’s not mine, but the other two songs that are in great company! :)

The most recent mash-up is A state of mind vs MNSN, a project from Poland I hadn’t yet heard of, but it’s very musical and atmospheric. I think it works really really well:

Mr Spoiltbrat has some awesome stuff up on his Soundcloud! Of special note is his mix of Metallica, Coldplay and The Police: Talk until You sleep Roxanne. Cheers!

And to finish off, I just really need to say thank you to everyone that has been commenting on my tracks, and letting me know they’re feeling it. I’ve been getting a lot of love on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook. And I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate it. Big up to all of you!

Here, have some Filth… New Dubstep remix & podcast feature!

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Whilst trying to get the hang back of a musical program I haven’t used in a long time, I Forrest Gumped my way into a new track! It’s a remix of a Tom Waits song.

It wasn’t my intention to bring it out, but I was quite pleased with it, and it seems to appeal to folks, judging by the response it got on Soundcloud. Here it is for listen and download:

Also, some exciting Podcast news! My Twitter-friend The UBLF from Idaho made a Dubstep podcast episode, featuring yours truly with a relevanty named track of mine (for this time of the year anyway) – The Easter Egg! :)  I love the fact that it’s his first steps in the Wonderful World of Wobble, and that I got to be a small part of it.

Big up to him for dropping my tune! I liked listening to what he made. Great selection of songs! Check out the episode over here and the tracklist here. Enjoy !

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